Transforming healthcare through innovation.

Microtest Health is right at the forefront of clinical software in the UK, leading the way in electronic patient record sharing and collaboration across healthcare settings.

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A note from our new CEO

Hello! My name is Maddy, and I’m the new CEO of Microtest.

I’m excited to be joining a business with a long, proud history of innovation at a moment when innovation is needed more than ever. In 2020, healthcare delivery in the UK is changing at the fastest pace probably since the inception of the NHS in 1948. Microtest can play an important role in supporting new ways of delivering care in the community.

This business has reinvented itself before to meet the change needs of its customers over the past 30 years, and together we will do so again now to be a health tech leader again in the 2020s.


Discover Microtest Health, the proactive and innovative partner that will help you make the most of healthcare technology.

As one of the leading suppliers of practice management systems for GP surgeries in the NHS, we create powerful health information systems that help our medical professionals to work as effectively as possible, improving patient care.

All our medical software is developed in collaboration with clinicians, so it is wholly intuitive to use, operating seamlessly, helping you to work smarter.

We do not take a ‘one size fits all approach.’ We tailor our solutions to the needs of your practice and back this up with a quality of personal customer service that is hard to find.

Discover Our Products

Discover how you can work smarter using our brilliant patient management modules


Patient management modules

Standalone clinical software that allows patients to book themselves in when they arrive at surgery with an easy to use touchscreen.

Appel allows your Microtest clinical software system to automatically call your patients from the waiting room. This clever piece of clinic management software offers flexible paging with flexible pricing.

This healthcare information system streamlines INR monitoring and automatically sets anticoagulation medication at the optimum level, helping to improve patient safety.

A built-in and cost effective module in Open Evolution that enables you to easily access dispensing patients’ requests.

Using clever caching technology, it runs as a background ‘back-up’ process within Open Evolution, so you can continue to operate without disruption.

Makes examining all your practice data very straightforward. The search results can be viewed on screen, as a printout, or on an individual patient basis. The Searching Module makes it easy for you to construct customised reports.

Keep on top of your clinical document review process electronically! Create efficient, repeatable workflow reviews for individuals or groups – all with one click. Get latest status reports on any workflow instantly.


Patient management tools

A useful tool, developed by Leeds University to help practices identify patients who are living with moderate to severe frailty.

Document all your vaccinations quickly and accurately, with a simple mouse click, using this clever healthcare software.

A superb medical software tool that makes recording CHADS scores faster, easier and more accurate.

BAPEN’s MUST tool is integrated with our Open Evolution clinical software system. This health information system allows you to assess the risk of malnutrition and advises on recommended action.

This medical software enables you to closely monitor QOF indicators and improve your QOF performance. Discover a health information system that will revolutionise the way you handle QOF scores.

Provides a snapshot of your surgery’s current status in relation to automatically extracted Enhanced Services.

The GPWT is an NHS driven utilisation tool that drills down into specific areas of Open Evolution.


Selected Systems / Integrations

This award-winning product represents a significant step forward in healthcare technology. Our ground-breaking electronic patient record sharing system has been developed in close cooperation with clinicians in primary, secondary and community care and offers a wide range of benefits, achieving the goal of more ‘joined up’ healthcare. Guru is based on a close understanding of the NHS and the problems that can arise when information is held in different ‘silos’. Guru solves these issues brilliantly, providing an electronic patient record sharing system that can help you make huge improvements to the way you deliver patient care.

The Waiting Room 2 is the latest version of Microtest’s highly successful module, which allows patients to book their own appointments at published clinics, without any interaction from practice staff. Using this online appointment software, patients can choose to see a specific GP, book an appointment with whoever is available at their preferred time and it also enables them to view aspects of their coded GP record. This state of the art clinic management software brings significant benefits for patients and surgeries, while also helping you to meet NHS requirements for greater patient access to services.

We have integrations with over 50 partners currently available or under development, each of which provide innovative clinical software functions that can improve your entire practice management system. At Microtest, we are committed to constantly expanding the choice of integrations that we make available to you, to meet the changing demands of your practice and to help you deliver the highest standards of patient care. Your Microtest Open Evolution clinical software will work seamlessly or cooperatively with products from the Microtest partners.


Work anytime, anywhere

Microtest is pleased to offer a secure NHS approved gateway service which provides you and all practice staff with remote access to your Open Evolution clinical software system, 24/7 and wherever you are. This service is a valuable addition to your practice management systems.This healthcare technology has been developed in collaboration with Somerset NHS. It has been designed to access your Open Evolution clinical software system, N3-based services, NHS emails and your practice desktop and health information systems.

Meet The Team

Maddy Phipps-Taylor

Maddy previously worked at Allocate Software, one of the most successful health tech business in the UK. Maddy was responsible for Corporate Development, and business strategy. Prior to this, she worked for the Care Quality Commission shaping their strategic agenda. She has been a Harkness Fellow in health policy and practice at the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley, California and from 2012-2014, she was a civil servant at Number 10 Downing Street, advising PM David Cameron on the health, care and life sciences agenda.

David Williams

David is an experienced engineer who has worked across all areas of software development in some of the UK’s best-known technology companies and startup accelerators. His career has spanned finance, healthcare, venture capital, and natural language processing. He’s built and led several development teams and products from the ground up, and has significant experience in what makes technology companies succeed.

Tatiana Nianiaris
Head of Product

Tatiana heads up all our product design and product strategy, responsible for all product features and for upgrading the user experience for clinicians and patients. Prior to joining Microtest she worked as a Venture Tech Associate for PUBLIC, harnessing technology to help make online finance more accessible for people with disabilities and special needs. She honed her Product Strategy skills at the start-up FollowApp.Care where she led on research and product design projects. She has a Masters in Global Health and Development.

Lucy Chaplin
Head of Operations

Lucy leads operations at Microtest. Previously she worked for Google, Wavestone and KPMG in Technology and Risk Consulting to provide technical cloud and data focused software and services to clients, alongside C-level strategic initiatives. Lucy has an MBA from London Business School with a concentration in Change Management and Organisational Behaviour. She is an outspoken mental health advocate and passionate about building diverse and inclusive teams and workplaces.

Liz Blues
Finance Director

Liz has many years’ experience in commercial accounting, finance, and business infrastructure. Previously, Liz spent 8 years as CFO and Director for a leading independent international digital marketing agency NetBooster, where she undertook several mergers and acquisitions during her time. Her career as a senior financial professional has spanned manufacturing, logistics and service sectors across the UK.

“Stuff” Netherton
Head of Customer Success

‘Stuff’ Netherton (aka Chris Jr) joined Microtest in 1994. With a degree in Computing and Networks, Stuff has worked in a wide variety of roles across the organisation and has over twenty years’ experience working on NHS software projects. Stuff plays a pivotal role in all Microtest’s software development, bringing to bear his extensive knowledge of the primary care marketplace.

Andy Richardson

Andy is CTO at PUBLIC where he works across a number of government technology initiatives. Prior to PUBLIC, he was VP of Technology at Thomson Reuters managing the risk division. He remains the Co-founder of Sidekick and a co-host of London HalfStack.

Alexander de Carvalho
Executive Chairman

Alexander is the Chief Investment Officer and co-founder at PUBLIC, a venture firm set up to help technology startups transform public services. PUBLIC is one of the biggest investors in GovTech startups in Europe across important sectors including Health, Social Care, Security, Policing and Welfare. Alexander is also the Vice Chairman and Co-Founder of The GovTech Summit.